How to Retrieve HFSX partition lost during re-partitioning of hard disk on Mac OS X?

Re-partitioning the hard drive is a process of creating two partitions by deleting each and every file stored in the existing partition. If you forgot to take a backup before repartitioning the drive then you may end up in a loss of files. Do not worry!!! Partition Undelete Software is here to help you in retrieving HFSX partition lost during repartitioning of the hard disk on Mac OS X. This software can also retrieve lost data from formatted NTFS partition after re-installing Windows XP within a few mouse clicks. Partition Recovery Software is designed with powerful volume scanning engine, which helps in finding and restoring lost, missing, deleted or corrupted volumes of Mac hard drive. Apart from recovering partition on Windows XP, Partition Undelete software enables user to restore deleted partition on Windows 8 HDD in just a few steps.

Repartitioning is done mainly to install another version of Mac Operating System on the same drive. Actually, latest versions of Mac Operating System provide in-built disk utility to repartition the drive without formatting or deleting the data. But, if the volumes of Mac system are pre-formatted with master boot record then it is not possible to dynamically reformat and repartition the drive. Additionally, if the partition that you want to resize does not have sufficient storage space then also, it is not possible to re-allocate the data dynamically that is required to repartition the drive. In such cases, you need to follow the old method i.e. formatting and repartitioning the drive. There are some third party utilities that help in repartitioning the drive without losing the data then also, there are some situations in which you may lose your HFSX partition. Thus use this advanced Partition retrieval tool in order to restore all stored data with utmost ease.

Common situations resulting in loss of partition are as follows

Accidental deletion of partition while repartitioning the drive: It is essential to take a backup of entire data stored on the partition before repartitioning it. If you forgot to take a backup and accidentally deleted or formatted the existing partition during repartition process then you may lose all data stored on that particular partition resulting in data loss.

Errors while repartitioning the drive: If you are using any third party utility to repartition the Mac drive then due to some reasons, you may get error message like “File cannot be moved”. Sometimes, the third party utility froze while repartitioning the drive, which may be due to bad sectors. In such case, you may unable to access the contents of existing volume resulting in loss of data.

Interruption during drive repartitioning process: If any interruption like accidental system shutdown or power outage occurs while repartitioning the hard drive then you may end up in loss of data. Therefore, you should not interrupt the repartitioning process until it gets completed successfully.

Precautions after losing data from the Mac Volume

  • Do not format or reformat the drive after losing partition while repartitioning the drive
  • Do not repartition the drive again to avoid permanent data loss
  • Immediately stop the usage of hard drive from where you lost the volume
  • Make use of relevant data recovery tools and install it on healthy volume to get back lost data

Some noteworthy features of Partition Recovery Tool

  • It is simple, easy and provides quick recovery of lost data from lost or deleted volumes
  • Click here to know how this software supports recovery of partition after file system corruption from hard drive of Segate Momentus XT laptop
  • It performs signature search to identify and recover various types of files such as audio file, image files, video files, spreadsheets and all other documents
  • It recovers data lost from MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, Mac Pro etc.
  • It supports restoration of data from Windows FAT32 partition after improper file system conversion

Restore your essential data in just 3 simple steps

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of Partition Undelete software. Once you launch the software, select “Recover Volumes/Drives” option and then select “Volume Recovery” option from the next screen to retrieve HFSX partition lost during repartitioning the drive

Partition Undelete - Main Window

Figure 1 : Welcome Window

Step 2: Select Mac hard drive from where you lost the volumes and then click on “Next” button to initiate the data recovery process

Partition Undelete - Drive Selection Window

Figure 2 : Select Appropriate Drive From Where You Want To Recover Data

Step 3: After completing the data recovery process, you can view recovered data in Mac finder styled interface.

Partition Undelete - File Previewing Window

Figure 3 : Preview Files That Has Been Recovered


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Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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