Do you want to retrieve data lost after formatting the NTFS partition during re-installation of Win XP?

If your answer is "Yes" then this is the right place where you can get the effective solution to restore lost data from formatted NTFS drive. Actually, formatting is a process of creation of new file system i.e. table of contents for the hard disk. When you format the drive, the Operating System writes the file system structure that is essential to manage the data on the hard drive. The file system enables the Operating System to manage the storage space on the hard disk, keep track of files and folders and also manage and fix the defective areas of the hard drive so that they do not cause any severe problems.

Technically, formatting the drive does not overwrite the data area of the hard drive. Instead, it only rewrites the table of contents leaving the data area intact. Therefore, it is possible to recover data from unintentionally or intentionally formatted NTFS partitions using Partition Undelete application. It is capable of recovering each and every file lost due to accidentally formatting the drive. Gather more info on how you can also recover data lost after improper file system conversion on Windows OS from FAT32 partition. Formatting is generally done while re-installing the Operating System or while installing multiple Operating Systems on the same drive. There are several reasons to re-install the Operating System.

Common reasons to re-install the Win XP are as follows:

Unintentionally deleted some supporting files:  If you have accidentally deleted some critical supporting files, which are needed to boot the Operating System during some configuration settings then you must re-install the Operating System to make it function properly. Re-installation process reformat the drive and then install the Operating System resulting in data loss

Windows Registry corruption: Windows Registry may get corrupted due to many reasons like abrupt system shutdown, virus attack or sudden power failure problems, which leads to re-installation of the Operating System. This is because, Windows Registry is the database due to which Windows function in a proper way. Actually, it stores the entire configuration information about your system. Therefore, Windows Registry corruption results in data loss

Computer is infected by harmful viruses: Sometimes, viruses corrupt the boot sector and the viruses may also delete some essential file due to which the Operating System may crash. When Operating System crashes due to viruses or any other reasons then you may encounter error messages like “Missing Operating System”, “Operating System does not able to boot” etc. In such case, you need to reformat the hard drive and re-install the Operating System to resolve the issue.

Precautions to avoid further data loss are:

  • The moment you find that you lost the data after re-installing the Operating System then immediately stop using the drive to avoid overwriting resulting in permanent data loss
  • Download and install Partition Undelete software on a healthy partition of drive and save recovered data on the healthy partition only.

Why you need to use Partition Undelete Software?

  • It is simple and provides an intuitive graphical user interface that helps even novice users to get their lost data back in an easy way
  • Follow the mentioned link to get back missing files from external HDD of different brands such as Seagate, Hitachi, Western Digital, Toshiba, etc.
  • It can easily recover lost / deleted partition of Segate Momentus XT laptop hard disk after the file system gets corrupted within few mouse clicks.
  • Recover data from accidentally formatted or reformatted FAT and NTFS partitions
  • It allows you to save recovered files on any storage devices like CD, DVD, USB drives etc. accessible to the host Operating System
  • It supports retrieval of lost HFSX partition after re-partitioning of Mac hard drive on Mac OS X and latest versions of Mac Operating System like the Snow Leopard, Leopard and Lion

How Partition Undelete Software works?

Step 1: Download and launch Partition Recovery Software on your system. Select “Recover drives” option from the main screen

Partition Undelete - Main Window

Figure 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: Select “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option from the next screen and then select a hard drive to proceed.

Partition Undelete - Select Recovery Mode

Figure 2 : Recovery Mode Selection Screen

Step 3: After finishing the data recovery process, view recovered data in a separate window

Partition Undelete - File Previewing Window

Figure 3 : Preview Recovered Files

Simple Tips to avoid future data loss are:

  • Take a regular backup of essential files so that the files can be easily restored in case you delete or format the drive by mistake
  • Make use of antivirus program to avoid data loss because of viruses
  • Always, try to shutdown the system in a proper way