Recover Damaged Partition

Without any prediction, one day you may find that your hard drive partition is damaged. At that time you may encounter certain error messages. When hard drive partition gets corrupted, Operating system cannot access partition of your system. When a file is damaged you may find disk in unrecognizable format. To re-use it, you had to format the drive but if you do so all data present in the drive will be lost. Using of recovery software will increase the chance of retrieving lost files from damaged partition before formatting. 

Today, many applications are found on internet, you can directly buy it from the network and use to restore files back. But the selection of right software is necessary. Using correct application is an important step to restore back your data from damaged partition. Cheap or low quality software may result in loss of data permanently.

Let us discuss some critical situation that leads to partition corruption:

  • Boot sector Virus: Boot sector virus is quite common reason behind hard drive partition corruption. It may corrupt the essential component of MBR making it inaccessible  and unreadable.
  • Degraded Boot loader: While working on multiple boot system, the chance of the boot loader getting corrupted maximizes. If OS with boot loader gets corrupted due to any reason, then you will be unable to boot any of the OS.
  • Windows Registry corruption:  Window registry holds all information regarding configuration setting of hardware, essential components of Operating system, preferences of computer and user settings. If you attempt to modify any data hard on your system then it will be copied in the registry of Windows. Registry setting can also be edited but it will be a risk because, if any file is deleted mistakenly, which is related to OS then it will result in corruption of hard drive partition.
  • File System Corruption: You may encounter an error message while partitioning or repartitioning the hard disk, so there is a possibility of file system corruption due to which all the files present inside hard drive becomes inaccessible. But you do not have to worry, you can find all missing files from hard drive by following simple steps.

There are several other reasons that may lead to corruption of partition are improper installation of Windows or Mac OS, software malfunction, trying to format or re-format using low quality disk partition management tools, system crash. Some users may think it to be impossible to recover damaged partition. The truth is that data in corrupted partition is not destroyed, all information is present in some sectors of hard drive. So as soon as you find out that you have lost data from the disk, you should immediately stop using that drive, do not save any new data on it. Overwriting may result in permanent loss of data from the partition. It also provides file recovery from external HDD of different brands such as Toshiba, Hitachi, Seagate, etc. Go to to know the recovery process.

Partition recovery tool is simple and easy to use and it provides a quick recovery of lost files from corrupted partition. It also enables user to recover hard drive partition from Seagate Momentus XT laptop disk after file system corruption within a few mouse clicks and also perform recovery program within a short span of time. It recovers damaged partition on Mac and Windows machine with ease. It supports file system corruption recovery and also restore data from FAT32 partition after improper file system corruption.

Simple steps to recover damaged partition

Step A : On the home screen, three options are available among which you have to select "Recover Partition/Drive". Then on next screen you will find two options, you need to choose "Partition Recovery" as you have to recover corrupted hard drive.

Recover damaged partition - Main Window

Figure 1 : Welcome Screen

Step B : Next select the hard drive to start the recovery program

Recover damaged partition - Drive Selection Window

Figure 2 : Select Hard Drive

Step C : Once the recovery program is completed you can view all the data recovered from partition by this software.

Recover damaged partition - Preview Results

Figure 3 : Recovered Data

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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